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Support BigCommerce colleagues defending Ukraine

Our colleagues from Kyiv office are defending Ukraine on a frontline. Let's help them to stay safe!

Denis photo

Denis Matveev. Product designer (MSF, Localization), officer in Ukraine army

Andrii photo

Andrii Hurzhiy. Senior Engineer (MSF, Catalog), officer in Ukraine army

Petro photo

Petro Donin. Senior Engineer (Inventory), officer in Ukraine army

Ostap photo

Ostap Ivanishyn. Senior Engineer (Payments), officer in Ukraine army

Why your help is important

War in Ukraine is still going.

THE needs are growing every day. Government is unable to fulfil all of them and rely on volunteers to help.

let's help by supporting people we know and love, our colleagues.

What are the constant needs

There's a constant need in transport, protection and medical supplies. And our focus is in making sure we can provide help fast.



Transport is essential to survive and transport people and ammunition. Cars get damaged every day and require either maintenance or full replacement.


Radio protection tools

Anti drone protection is #1 request today, in addition to body armor, night vision, Starlink kits and powerstations for stable connection, drones with thermal vision.


Medical supplies

Medical tourniquets, medical bandage, medical kits and medicines, body warmers and sleeping bags.

Subscription that saves lives

Monthly support would provide the ability to help systematically and quickly. However, we would appreciate one time donation as well

25 USD

per month


50 USD

per month


75 USD

per month


100 USD

per month



per month


1 time donation


* If you are subscribed, but want to cancel subscription click here

Your impact

In the past 2 years, with your help we've handed over essential supplies at almost $100,000

  • Pickup trucks
  • Drones & batteries
  • Mini excavator
  • Powerstations
  • Starlink kits
  • Active headphones
  • Night vision monoculars
  • Laptops
  • Monitors
  • Hertz analyzer
  • Sleeping bags
  • Medical tourniquets
  • Thermal vision cameras
  • Body armors
  • Many more...
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  • 57subscribers
  • 7countries
  • >$5000monthly support


Contact us

We appreciate you taking the time to help us improve the application so we are able to continue raising awareness, and generating support for our comrades in Ukraine.

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